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eks, fennel and parsley. Now is the best time to have hot pot and braised mutton ▓wit

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nd the cock▓fighting game.Eating huangyacaiIn Tianjin, there is a custom to have huangyacai, a kind of Chinese cabbage, during Minor Cold. There are large amounts of Vitamins A and B in huangyacai. As huangyacai is fresh ▓and tender, it is fit for frying, roasting and braising.Eating glutinous riceAccording to tradition, the Cantonese eat glutinous rice in the ▓morning during Minor Cold. Cantonese people add some fried preserve

d pork, sausage and peanuts and mix them into the rice▓. According to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

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glutinous rice has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach in the cold season.Eating vegetable riceIn ancient times, people in Nanjing took Minor Cold quite seriously, but as time went by, the celebration of Minor Cold graduall▓y faded. However, the custom of eating vegetable ▓rice is still followed today.The rice is ste

amed and ▓is unspeakably delicious. Among the ingredients, aij▓iaohuang (a kind of green vegetable), sausage and sal

nor Cold. Actually

ted duck are the specialties in Nanjing.Please sc▓an the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan th▓e QR Code to follow us on WechatCus▓toms of Laba FestivalCustoms of Laba Festiv▓alCustoms of Laba Festival01-04-2017 22:10 BJTChina possesses many traditional holidays, of which Spring Festival is the most important and the most exciting. An extended celebration of the Lunar New ▓Year that lasts for several weeks, Spring Festival encompasses the Laba Festival, Little New Year▓, Lunar New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year's Day, and the Lantern Festival. Every year, with the coming of the last month of the lunar year, the holiday spirit fills the land. The Laba Fe▓stival, which falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar ▓month, marks the official

start of Spring Festival.This holiday may be traced back to the

ancient Chinese custom of sacrificing game to the▓ ancestors du

ring the last month of t▓he lunar year. Following the ritual, the part▓icipants feasted together on the sacrificial▓ meat in an early expression of the Chinese tr▓adition of communal eating. The Laba Festival ▓is popularly referred to as Laji Festival (End-of-Year Sacrifice Festival), another indication of▓ its ancient origins and association with early sacrificial rituals. It is also said that Sakyamuni Buddha attained▓ enlightenment on the eighth day of the twelfth lun▓ar month. As a result, with the introduction of Buddhism to China, the Laba Festival also became known as the Day of Enlightenment.The two most important traditions associated with Laba Festival are eat

Minor Cold is n ormally the cold est period of wint er. It is im portant to keep warm during this perio d.▓Cuisines f it for Minor ColdFro m the per▓spe ctive of dietary h ealth care, du ring Minor C o▓ld people sho uld eat some hot food to b enefit the bod y and defe nd against the inv asion of▓ col d weather &mdash ; hot foods like tro 铜陵市5G 合浦县wap 根河市wap 河曲县5G 金寨县5G 范县5G 灵石县5G 六盘水市5G 内黄县5G 滁州市5G 山西wap 西藏自治区5G 云霄县wap 开化县wap 广平县wap 高阳县5G 定兴县5G 崇礼县5G 稻城县5G 嘉荫县5G 6职业传奇私服网站 传奇私服架设图文教程 刚开传奇私服开服表 传奇私服自动打怪脚本 我想开个传奇私服 手机传奇私服破解版 传奇私服如何架设外网 传奇私服手机版发布网 迷失传奇私服 9005sf 电信传奇私服刚开一秒